The Outlaw (1943) JANE RUSSELL

Produced and directed by Howard Hughes, THE OUTLAW was completed in 1941 but banned due to its fixation on Jane Russell’s breasts. With a reluctant edit of about 30 seconds, the film managed to get into theaters for a week in 1943 but was pulled for violations of the Hollywood Production Code. After America’s entrance […]

The Doll Squad (1973)

Squad of beautiful government agents tries to catch saboteurs. They’re smart. They’re tough. They’re built. They are the Doll Squad, a crack team of specially trained CIA women out to save the world from evil.


Dr. Alan Green an American Archelogist leads Danielle Noble an her team of cave divers on an expedition searching the Mayan ancient records. Instead of finding glory they will find hell hidden in the underwater caves of Xibalba.