“Tales Of The Gold Monkey” – THE PILOT Complete TV-Movie 9/22/82

In “The Pilot” – Episode One which aired on September 22, 1982 – American pilot Jake Cutter contends with German spies, vicious monkeys and a sassy government agent. “Tales of the Gold Monkey” was an American adventure-drama television series broadcast on ABC\, Wednesday nights one year following the release of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” The series was set in 1938 in the South Pacific following the serial adventures of Jake Cutter – a pilot and adventurer in Boragora, the port in the Marivella Islands in 1938 as he flies his Grumman Goose amphibian on inter-island flights and finds adventure every week. The show featured a mix of romance of early aviation, exotic locales, and cliff-hanging action. Starring Stephen Collins, Jeff MacKay, Caitlin O’ Heaney, Roddy McDowell and a one-eyed Jack Russell Terrier named Jack. The title is derived from a gigantic mythical golden statue that is the focal point of the pilot episode, seen only by the viewer at the end of the show. The characters end their search for the statue after finding a substitute brass monkey that is kept at the Monkey Bar for the rest of the series. Although generally well received in both the United States and overseas, the show was not renewed for another season and ran for 22 episodes – mostly due to the ratings not justifying the high cost of production.

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