The Father Clements Story (1987) | Lou Gossett Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Inspired by a true story, “The I Father Clements Story” is about a black Chicago priest who fights the local Church hierarchy for the right to adopt a son. Confronted with the growing problem of homeless black children, Father George Clements (LOUIS GOSSETT, JR.) asks his parishioners to consider adoption. Meeting only apathy, Clements angrily claims he will adopt a child himself. The statement draws the attention of the local media and Cardinal Cody (CARROLL O’CONNOR), Clements’ superior and adversary. Cody forbids Clements to adopt, claiming it is a violation of Catholic Church law. But the Vatican approves of Clements’ actions, and he begins proceedings to adopt Joey (MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER), a rebellious and difficult teenager. Joey’s former involvement with a local gang tests their relationship as they try to become father and son under the scrutiny of the Church and the community.

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