Cat Women Of The Moon (1953) full length sci fi movie

Cat-Women Of The Moon (1953) full movie. Retro Sci-fi movie. This 1950’s Sci-fi movies classic was Parodied in 1987 as “Amazon Women on the Moon” Using a spaceship furnished with wooden tables and rolling chairs, a “scientific expedition” to the Moon encounters a race of Cat-Women, the last eight survivors of a two-million-year-old civilization. Residing deep within a Moon cave, where they have managed to maintain not only the remnants of a breathable atmosphere and Earth-like gravity but also a pair of gigantic spiders, the Cat-Women sport black unitards, beehive hairstyles, and elaborate cosmetics. Realizing that the remaining air in their cave will soon be gone, the Cat-Women plan to steal the expedition’s spaceship, migrate to Earth, and in the words of the Cat-Women’s queen, Alpha, “We will get their women under our power, and soon we will rule the whole world”!

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