Planet Outlaws (1953) [Adventure] [Science Fiction] [Fantasy]

Buck Rogers and his pal Buddy are released from suspended animation after 500 years. They discover that the world is under the thumb of modernistic mobster Killer Kane, and are enlisted in the fight against Kane by Wilma Deering and Dr. Huer. —

Directed by Ford Beebe and Saul A. Goodkind, produced by Barney A. Sarecky, written by Norman S. Hall, Ray Trampe and Dick Calkins, starring Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers, Constance Moore as Wilma Deering,, Jackie Moran as George “Buddy” Wade, Anthony Warde as “Killer” Kane, C. Montague Shaw as Doctor Huer, Jack Mulhall as Captain Rankin, Guy Usher as Aldar, William Gould as Air Marshal Kragg, Philson Ahn as Prince Tallen and Henry Brandon as Captain Laska.

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