Rocket Attack USA (1958) | Propaganda Espionage Science Fiction Full Movie

A U.S. spy’s (John McKay) presence in Moscow spells nuclear doom for Manhattan. American secret agents John and Tanya are sent to the USSR after British agents relay information on a Russian plot to bomb America. The duo discover that the Soviets intend launching an ICBM sneak attack against the United States on the night that they arrive. The Russians are using information gathered by Sputnik to plan the attack, and as the American spies’ attempt to sabotage one rocket fails, they are shot. Back in the United States, as the missile closes in, a radio reporter stays on the air to assist those threatened in this emergency as American defense missiles prove too slow to defend the country. The reporter’s wife knows this will be his death sentence. As Manhattan is hit and 3 million are killed, a general bemoans the lack of a functioning ICBM missile defense system. The efforts to strengthen the US defense system were unsuccessful owing to limited funding and effort. The US retaliation is expected to be minimal as the Russian defenses have been properly funded and maintained. Film: Rocket Attack USA (1958) Director: Barry Mahon Cast: John McKay

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