Payaso Comedy Slam • FULL SHOW | LOLflix – Comedy Classic

The Payaso Comedy Slam (Payaso; “Clown”), has become an lolflix comedy classic and originally brought together some of the hottest rising comedians of the day. This irreverent comedy special presented many first appearances and introduced all of these comedians to a national audience, having premiered on the Showtime, airing on the network for over 2 years. Since then, each comedian has forged their own unique path and have all gone onto great stand-up comedy, acting and popular podcast careers. Starring; Erik Griffin, Edwin San Juan, Johnny Sanchez, George Perez, Rick Ramos, Jeff Garcia, Joey “Coco” Diaz and hosted by Latin King of Comedy Alex Reymundo. Check out their individual links in the description below for more info on each comedian. “Tu Payaso” Original song by, Aadamick Mendoza & Quetzal Guerro link below. Filmed during the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival, the Payaso Comedy Slam has become a stand-up comedy classic and is rated “R” for language and subject matter, let the viewer be warned, lol.

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