UNMASKING JACK the RIPPER (HD) Documentary revealing the Ripper.

Unmasking the Ripper with its team of respected experts who have studied the case for years, sifts through the evidence and leading to the alleged ‘Unmasking’ of the Whitechapel Murderer by the leading police officers of the investigation. A surprising narrative from the present day brings the story up to date with revealing insight from the surviving relative of today’s primary Ripper suspect: Aaron Kosminski. Kosminski is believed to the the Ripper revealed by recent DNA testing methods however there is controversy surrounding this revelation. The film includes interviews with leading Whitechapel Murder experts like; Paul Begg, and Lindsey Sivota and is presented by a widely published author, historian and broadcaster ; Richard Jones from TV’s hit ‘Most Haunted’. It’s one of the most rigorously researched accounts of the Murders of 1888 yet produced and delivers accurate murder site by murder site crime scene breakdowns to unravel the Ripper mystery once and for all.

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