Years of the Beast (1981) | Gary Bayer | Alana Rader | Malcon McCalman | Jerry Houser

A fast-moving feature-length dramatic film portraying the events in the book of Revelation, this powerful story explores the end times with realistic characters and prophetic accuracy. Experience a society where money is worthless, food is scarce, your neighbour is your enemy and oppression reigns. Watch the ultimate forces of Satan and God prepare for the final battle. Feel the great and ultimate triumph of Christ’s return and look up with encouragement “for our redemption draweth nigh”. Witness the years of tribulation and the great and ultimate triumph of Christ and His church.

Director: D. Paul Thomas
Starring: Gary Bayer, Alana Rader, Malcon McCalman, Jerry Houser, Sarah Rush, James Blendick, Jon Locke

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