Mutiny in Outer Space (1965 American Sci-Fi film)

Mutiny in Outer Space is a 1965 black-and-white independent American science fiction film, written, produced and directed by Hugo Grimaldi and Arthur C. Pierce (although Pierce was not credited as directing).

It stars William Leslie, Dolores Faith, Pamela Curran and Richard Garland. In the film, Space Station X-7 is overrun by a previously unknown but deadly alien fungus that originated in ice caves on the moon and was inadvertently brought back by astronauts returning with lunar samples. Members of the crew are forced to mutiny against X-7’s commander, who is not in his right mind because of “space raptures,” in order to save the space station from destruction. Mutiny in Outer Space was the second film on a double feature with The Human Duplicators in the US.
William Leslie as Maj. Gordon Towers
Dolores Faith as Dr. Faith Montaine
Pamela Curran asLt. Connie Engstrom
Richard Garland as Col. Frank Cromwell
Harold Lloyd Jr. as Sgt. Andrews
James Dobson as Dr. Hoffman
Ron Stokes as Sgt. Sloan
Boyd Holister as Maj. Olsen (in credits as Robert Palmer)
Gabriel Curtiz as Dr. Stoddard
Glenn Langan as Gen. Knowland (in credits as Glen Langan)
H. Kay Stevens as Sgt. Engstrom
Francine York as Capt. Stevens
Joel Smith (unnamed character)
Carl Crow as Capt. Dan Webber
Robert Nash (unnamed character)

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