Treasure Of Bruce Lee

Director: Joseph Kong Hung
Cast: Bruce Le, Chen Sing, Cheung Nik, Chiang Tao

A Bruceploitation classic! Master Chen has four pupils, each of which he has taught a different style of kung fu based on their abilities. Wong Ching-Lung (Bruce Le) is taught Dragon Style, Cha Ya-Fan (Chiang Tao) Panther Style, Chan Yo-Lung (Nick Cheung) Tiger Style and Cheh Chi-Chu knows Crane Style. The secret book of Chinese Kung Fu styles is kept safe by the master, knowing that a group of Japanese Bushido’s seeks to obtain it, in order to train their army. The master decides that a contest between his four students will determine whom the book is handed down to and who will guard it for their remaining days. Unfortunately, Cha Ya-Fan turns out to be working for the Japanese, and he turns the other students against each other and steals what he thinks is the book. It turns out to be a fake, and Wong Ching-Lung escapes with the real manual to the mountains to learn from Grandmaster Fang Yi-Lan (Chan Sing). Cha Ya-Fan eventually catches up with Ching-Lung and battles him and his Japanese Bushido experts.

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