New Hallmark Romance Movies 2021 – HEARTBREAKER

The last marketing project of Eden Clark, which she was engaged in, turns out to be ineffective, and the boss sends a tired employee “to recharge”. A young woman invites her friend Kate on vacation, and the two of them go to Lake Tahoe. Here, the heroine’s parents have a wonderful summer house. The girls are enjoying their first night out when Eden sees a stranger at the cute fence. It was Michael, an old friend of the heroine. The young man tells the guests that he looks after the cottage in the absence of the owners. He also tells Clarke that he owns a small company that organizes hot air balloon flights. Michael invites his friends on one of these excursions, and the women agree. After a few days and a few random encounters, among which the most memorable was the conversation at the farmer’s market, the heroes take to the air. From Michael, Eden learns about the plight of his business, and she offers her services as a marketer to a friend. Working together contributes to the beginning of a new novel, truly sincere and deep. But as soon as the couple gets closer, Eden’s boyfriend arrives. To whom would she give her heart?

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