Lady Detective of the Ming Dynasty

Directors: Zhao Ziyuan & Zhu Lin
Cast: Zhao Ziyuan , Huang Xiaochao, Zhang Zeming

Female dectective Shi Xiaosi received a report that a traveller was mysteriously poisoned in the pumpkin shop in her town. Shi Xiaosi immediately led her constables to investigate the case, but was attacked by a mysterious man on the way. After arriving at the pumpkin shop, Shi Xiaosi discovered that this was an inexplicable incident and there was no clue in sight.
However the poisoned man regained his consciousness and more suspicions were implicated. A pending case seven years ago also gradually began to surface. The boss full of thoughts, the genius doctor with a reputation, the weird and wretched buddy, the indifferent and suspicious lady, and the mad woman who seems to be haunted. Everyone in the shop has suspicions and seems to have nothing to do with the whole incident. As Shi Xiaosi eliminated the suspects one by one, the people in the shop began to die one after another. A bigger conspiracy enveloped everyone, as if to swallow them together with this place. Can Shi Xiaosi finally catch the real culprit, and what will be the answer to the unsettled case seven years ago?

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