Baker’s Hawk (1976) Clint Walker, Burl Ives, Lee Montgomery, Diane Baker

During the summer of 1876, young Billy Baker finds an injured baby hawk and subsequently befriends an old hermit. Because the old man shares his remote mountain homestead with various animals in need of attention, many of the townspeople have labelled him as “crazy”. When the townspeople start assuming that he and certain other newcomers are a threat to the safety of the community, they begin an effort to oust these tramps.

In an attempt to stern the tide of vigilante activities, Billy’s father is persuaded by the local sheriff to act as temporary deputy, and Billy makes some important discoveries about prejudice, responsibility, courage and friendship.
Based on the novel by Jack Bickham.
Baker’s Hawk began four weeks of location shooting in the mountains of Provo, Utah on July 19, 1976
Directed by Lyman D. Dayton, starring:
Clint Walker, Burl Ives, Diane Baker, Lee H. Montgomery, Alan Young Bruce M. Fischer, Cam Clarke, Danny Bonaduce

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