Cat-Women of the Moon (1953 American Sci-Fi film)

Produced by Jack Rabin and Al Zimbalist, directed by Arthur Hilton, that stars Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, and Marie Windsor. The film was released by Astor Pictures.

Notably, the musical score was composed by Academy Award–winner Elmer Bernstein, though his last name is misspelled as “Bernstien” in the opening credits.
Utilizing a spaceship equipped with wooden tables and chairs, a “scientific expedition” to the Moon encounters a race of cat-women, the last survivors of a two-million-year-old lunar civilization. Residing deep within a Moon cavern, where they have managed to maintain not only the remnants of a breathable atmosphere and Earth-like gravity, but also a pair of gigantic moon-spiders, the cat-women wear black unitards, have beehive hairstyles, and wear elaborate cosmetics.
Sonny Tufts as Laird Grainger
Victor Jory as Kip Reissner
Marie Windsor as Helen Salinger
William Phipps as Doug Smith
Douglas Fowley as Walt Walters
Carol Brewster as Alpha
Suzanne Alexander as Beta
Susan Morrow as Lambda
Bette Arlen as Cat-Woman
Roxann Delman as Cat-Woman
Ellye Marshall as Cat-Woman
Judy Walsh as Cat-Woman

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