Pardon My Past – Fred MacMurray – Marguerite Chapman – Akim Tamiroff

Former soldier Eddie York (Fred MacMurray) and his friend Chuck (William Demarest) are en route to begin new lives when Eddie is mistaken for Francis Pemberton, a wealthy man who owes a large debt to bookie Jim Arnold (Akim Tamiroff).
Arnold decides to take Eddie’s wallet until he is repaid, forcing Eddie and Chuck to locate Pemberton’s family.
At the family estate, they meet Joan (Marguerite Chapman), a poor relation of the Pemberton family who has been overseeing the household affairs, and Eddie is again though to be Pemberton.
Soon Eddie finds himself immersed in the Francis’s life, when more Pembertons arrive at the house, which includes grandpa (Harry Davenport), ex-wife Mary (Rita Johnson) and deceitful uncle Wills (Douglass Dumbrille).

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