Keep The Faith, Baby (2002) | The Adam Clayton Powell Story | Harry Lennix Vanessa Williams

In the world of wartime American politics, there was never going to be room for a larger than life congressman with an unconventional style. Especially when is outspoken views and gutsy determination would spearhead a movement that aimed to make life better for African-Americans everywhere.

Adam Clayton Powell (Harry Lennix, “The Matrix Reloaded”) started out as a preacher from Harlem in the early 1940s. His passion for justice and flair for uniting the community soon led to an impressive two-decade career which saw him shake up American Congress and target the deep-rooted racism that ran through the establishment. Powell was naturally charming and a notorious ladies man. His conquests even included famous diva pianist Hazel Scott (Vanessa Williams, “Shaft”). But his maverick nature was also widely resented and his enemies managed to rally enough support to have him thrown out of Congress on charges of misconduct.

This amazing story is told through the eyes of a young journalist who visits the retired Powell in his fishing-village retreat, only to find that the years did little to dull the winning charisma and charm of a true twentieth century icon.

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