Taza Son of Cochise 1954 Rock Hudson & Barbara Rush

Taza, Son of Cochise is a 1954 American Technicolor Western film directed by Douglas Sirk and starring Rock Hudson and Barbara Rush. The film was shot in 3D, and is one of just two films confirmed to have been released in the Pola-Lite 3D System using one projector.


Three years after the end of the Apache Wars, peacemaking chief Cochise dies. His elder son Taza (Rock Hudson) shares his ideas, but brother Naiche (Bart Roberts) yearns for war…and for Taza’s betrothed, Oona (Barbara Rush). Naiche loses no time in starting trouble which, thanks to a bigoted cavalry officer, ends with the proud Chiricahua Apaches on a reservation, where they are soon joined by the captured renegade Geronimo, who is all it takes to start a war.


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