Her Secret (1933 American Comedy, Drama, Romance

Directed by Warren Millais and starring Sari Maritza, William Collier Jr. and Alan Mowbray. It was released in the United Kingdom under the alternative title of The Girl from Georgia, and was based on a play by Maude Fulton. PLOT In “Her Secret” (aka “The Girl from Georgia” in the UK in 1934 when shown there)Johnny, the son of a rich-man, is an idling, good-for-nothing loafer, who leads a wild-and-hectic life, flunks out of college, and is disinherited and made to leave home by his father, who has given up on his on in despair. Johnny opens a gas-station in Arizona, where “Waffles,”, a girl from Georgia, takes him in hand and employs her own methods of reformation with astonishing and fruitful results. Cast Sari Maritza as Waffles William Collier Jr. as Johnny Norton Alan Mowbray as Nils Norton Ivan F. Simpson as Lathrop Monaei Lindley as Ermine, Johnny’s Girlfriend Rex Armond as Tex, Waffles’ Friend Jack Dewees as Kenneth Barbara Luddy as Mae Leila McIntyre as Dean of Women John Hyams as Dean of Men Grace Valentine as Mary Mary Lee Manning as College Student Bert James as College Boy Barry Thompson as College Bad Boy

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