A Rage to Live (1965)

Grace Caldwell, a wealthy college student who craves male attention, has an affair with Charlie Jay, whose parents find out and tell Grace’s widowed mother. Mrs. Caldwell, who suffers from a heart condition, suspects the extent of her daughter’s promiscuity and travels with her to Nassau for a vacation. While Grace becomes involved with a hotel waiter, her mother has a heart attack and dies from lack of care. Her brother Brock introduces Grace to a college friend, Sidney Tate, who consoles her after her mother’s death, and they decide to marry. Grace explains her past to Sidney, but he insists that their love will overcome her desire for other men. For 2 1/2 years they live happily on a farm and have a baby boy; then Roger Bannon, a self-made building construction manager and the son of one of her mother’s former servants, rebuilds their barn. He makes advances to Grace, and she succumbs. Jack Hollister, a successful editor and self-righteous hypocrite, tries to make love to Grace, but she refuses his attentions. Fearing the impairment of relations with her husband, she decides to end her affair with Roger; and when she notifies Roger he gets drunk, mistreats a waitress, and dies in a subsequent car crash. When police investigate the death, Grace’s affair becomes public knowledge, whereupon Sidney threatens to leave her if her promiscuity continues. At a charity bazaar, the jealous wife of Jack Hollister publicly denounces Grace as the cause of her own failing marriage. Though Grace insists upon her innocence, Jack, bitter from rejection, does not deny the accusation, and Sidney abandons Grace.

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