Shield for Murder (1954 American film noir Crime film)

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Co-directed by and starring Edmond O’Brien as a crooked police detective. It was based on the novel of the same name by William P. McGivern. Plot Lieutenant Barney Nolan (Edmond O’Brien), a 16-year veteran of the police force, has had it with the world he inhabits. In a secluded alley late one night, he fatally shoots a bookmaker in the back and steals the $25,000 the man has on him. He then claims he had been forced to kill the man because he tried to escape custody. Sergeant Mark Brewster (John Agar), his friend and protégé, believes him, as does the Captain of Detectives, Captain Gunnarson (Emile Meyer). However, newspaper reporter Cabot (Herbert Butterfield) suspects otherwise. Barney takes his girlfriend, Patty Winters (Marla English), to see a new, fully furnished house that is for sale, in which he suggests the two of them could build a wonderful life. He slips away to hide the money outside, in back of the home. When he returns and the two have a romantic moment; it is insinuated he asks Patty to marry him and, through a conversation later with Mark, it is clear that she says yes. Cast Edmond O’Brien as Lieutenant Barney Nolan Marla English as Patty Winters John Agar as Sergeant Mark Brewster Emile Meyer as Captain Gunnarson Carolyn Jones as Girl at Bar (Beth) Claude Akins as Fat Michaels Lawrence Ryle as Laddie O’Neil (as Larry Ryle) Herbert Butterfield as Cabot (reporter) Hugh Sanders as Packy Reed William Schallert as Assistant District Attorney Andy Tucker Richard Deacon as The Professor Stafford Repp as Detective O’Dell John Beradino as Gambler Being Booked

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