THE STEEL JUNGLE Perry Lopez, Allison Hayes

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“The Steel Jungle” Plot – A power struggle emerges among convicts condemned to prison life. According to Beverly Garland, this film was not as good as it should have been because Perry Lopez was not a good actor. She felt there were many scenes where she performed well, but the scene had to be redone several times because Lopez could not properly hit his marks.

Main Cast & Crew Starring, Perry Lopez, Beverly Garland, Walter Abel, Ted de Corsia, Kenneth Tobey, Allison Hayes, Gregory Walcott, Leo Gordon, Kay E. Kuter, Bob Steele, Ralph Moody, Stafford Repp, Sailor Vincent, Charles Cane, Fred Graham, Carey Loftin, Jack Kruschen, Edward Platt, Lyle Latell, Richard Karlan, Frank Gerstle, Tom McKee, Eddie Baker, Joel Smith, LanPeter Graye Bradford, Malcolm Atterbury, Mack Williams, Robert Bray, William ‘Bill’ Phillips, and Creighton Hale. Directed by Walter Doniger. Released March 9, 1956.

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