Sherlock Holmes TV series 21 to 30 in color

21 “The Case of the Reluctant Carpenter” Steve Previn Sidney Morse,
Sheldon Reynolds 7 March 1955
An arsonist/blackmailer, mistaking Lestrade for Holmes, threatens to continue a series of bombings unless he is paid thousands in extortion money. Using crude forensics, Holmes learns the site of the next bombing and removes the bomb from the Knightsbridge armoury with seconds to spare.
22 “The Case of the Deadly Prophecy” Sheldon Reynolds George Fass,
Gertrude Fass 14 March 1955
Holmes investigates a school for boys to find a connection to the deaths of people that had been predicted by Anton, in a plot that involves hypnosis and blackmail.
23 “The Case of the Christmas Pudding” Steve Previn George Fass,
Gertrude Fass 4 April 1955
John Norton, convicted of murder, swears vengeance on Holmes before his execution. Norton receives a Christmas pudding and escapes. After evading his revenge attempt, Holmes tries to find his accomplice.
24 “The Case of the Night Train Riddle” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 11 April 1955
Holmes and Dr. Watson search for a missing boy called Paul on the train they are travelling in. Paul had quarrelled with his father and decided to run away. Holmes is able to prevent Paul, being held for his father’s fortune, from being killed.
25 “The Case of the Violent Suitor” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 18 April 1955
Alex Dougall comes to Holmes to help prevent a marriage between violent-tempered Jack Murdock and Susan Dearing, daughter of a murder victim. Holmes secures a confession and learns the identity of the murderer.
26 “The Case of the Baker Street Nursemaids” Sheldon Reynolds Sheldon Reynolds,
Joseph Victor 25 April 1955
Holmes receives a baby from Mrs. Durant after her husband is kidnapped. Later, the baby is also kidnapped. Holmes and Dr. Watson manage to infiltrate the home of the culprit, who wants Mr. Durant’s U-boat plans, and they rescue the Durant family.
27 “The Case of the Perfect Husband” Steve Previn Hamilton Keener 2 May 1955
Russell Partridge, a rich and respectable art collector, threatens to kill his wife at nine o’clock on their first wedding anniversary. She doesn’t know if she believes him, and Lestrade doesn’t either. Holmes takes the threat seriously and is able to thwart an attempt on her life. He also makes a gruesome discovery in a secret hiding place.
28 “The Case of the Jolly Hangman” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 9 May 1955
Holmes investigates a suicide, which is shown to be a covered-up murder in Glasgow leading to a suspect who poses under another name. Before he can murder the victim’s wife as well, Holmes shows up.
29 “The Case of the Imposter Mystery” Steve Previn Lou Morheim 19 May 1955
Holmes is blamed for faulty services which he didn’t actually offer. To catch the imposter, Holmes and Dr. Watson go undercover as maharajas seeking security. Lestrade and his men chase, expose and arrest the imposter.
30 “The Case of the Eiffel Tower” Steve Previn Roger E. Garris 23 May 1955
Holmes, Lestrade and Dr. Watson follow a trail to the Eiffel Tower, crossing an espionage team who seek the coin they’d had but lost to a lady. Once they track the coin down, they provoke a riot to summon the police.

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