Sherlock Holmes TV series 1 to 10 in color

1 “The Case of the Cunningham Heritage” Jack Gage Sheldon Reynolds 18 October 1954
After his return from Afghanistan, Dr. Watson meets Sherlock Holmes and is recruited as his assistant. Together they investigate a murder, with a young lady as the prime suspect. Holmes finds the real murderer and learns his motive.
2 “The Case of Lady Beryl” Jack Gage Sheldon Reynolds 25 October 1954
Inspector Lestrade and Dr. Watson investigate a murder at the Beryl residence, but to their surprise get a confession from Lady Beryl, which Holmes does not credit. Holmes recreates the crime scene to expose the actual murderer.
3 “The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun” Sheldon Reynolds Sheldon Reynolds 1 November 1954
Watson and Holmes go to Sussex to investigate the gruesome death of Squire John Douglas; the weapon was a Pennsylvania sawed-off shotgun. Mr. Morell and Mrs. Douglas are suspected, but Holmes finds out John Douglas was not murdered. Based on The Valley of Fear.
4 “The Case of the Texas Cowgirl” Steve Previn Charles Early,
Joseph Early 8 November 1954
Minnie O’Malley, a cowgirl in Bison Jack’s visiting rodeo show, seeks help from Holmes to remove a dead body from her hotel room. Inspector Lestrade identifies it as a known thief, and Holmes unmasks the suspect.
5 “The Case of the Belligerent Ghost” Sheldon Reynolds Charles Early 15 November 1954
Dr. Watson claims to have been attacked by the ghost of Albert Higgins. Holmes finds a link to the theft of the Blue Madonna in the Pembroke museum, which has been exchanged for a forgery.
6 “The Case of the Shy Ballerina” Sheldon Reynolds Charles Early,
Sheldon Reynolds 22 November 1954
Dr Watson’s hat is found at the scene of a murder, leading Lestrade to suspect him of having killed a diplomat lately returned from Saint Petersburg. A Russian ballet dancer and a composer are also suspects, but Holmes unmasks the real murderer.
Natalie Schafer, known for her later TV role as Mrs. Howell in Gilligan’s Island, plays the late diplomat’s wife.
7 “The Case of the Winthrop Legend” Jack Gage Harold Jack Bloom,
Sheldon Reynolds 29 November 1954
Harvey Winthrop asks Holmes to help him prevent his brother’s potential death, but Holmes is unsuccessful in this and comes to suspect Harvey’s fiancĂ©e.
8 “The Case of the Blind Man’s Bluff” Sheldon Reynolds Lou Morheim,
Sheldon Reynolds 6 December 1954
Holmes investigates murders, marked by the prior warning of a chicken claw, of those who had boarded the ship Gloria North.
9 “The Case of Harry Crocker” Sheldon Reynolds Harold Jack Bloom 13 December 1954
Escape artist Harry Crocker begs Holmes to help clear his name of a murder he didn’t do, although clues seem to point to him. The murderer is revealed to have been jealous of the victim’s relationship with Harry.
10 “The Mother Hubbard Case” Jack Gage Lou Morheim 20 December 1954
Holmes tries to seek Margaret Martini’s fiancĂ© in a story connected with seven other disappearances. Every man has been killed inside an empty house. Holmes uncovers the murderer’s identity and motive.

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