Devil Girl from Mars (1954 British Sci-Fi film)

Devil Girl from Mars is a 1954 UK black-and-white science fiction film, produced by the Danziger Brothers, directed by David MacDonald and starring Patricia Laffan, Hugh McDermott, Adrienne Corri, and Hazel Court. The film was released by British Lion.

The film’s storyline concerns a female alien commander sent from Mars to acquire human males to replace their declining male population, thereby saving Martian civilisation from extinction.[3] When negotiation, then intimidation fails, she must use force to obtain co-operation from a remote Scottish village where she has landed her crippled flying saucer.
Patricia Laffan as Nyah, the Devil Girl from Mars
Hugh McDermott as Michael Carter
Hazel Court as Ellen Prestwick
Peter Reynolds as Robert Justin/Albert Simpson
Adrienne Corri as Doris
Joseph Tomelty as Professor Arnold Hennessey
John Laurie as Mr. Jamieson
Sophie Stewart as Mrs. Jamieson
Anthony Richmond as Tommy
James Edmond as David

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