Federal Operator 99 (1945 Action, Adventure, Crime film)

This is a 12 part series that has been edited into a full length movie. All the beginning and ending credits from each chapter were removed and each chapter begins exactly where the other left off. It was later edited down into a feature version called F.B.I 99 for television. The serial is about an FBI agent named Jerry Blake who battles “gentleman thief” Jim Belmont, who escapes custody with help of his gang and begins a wave of crimes, beginning with plotting to steal the crown jewels of the Princess Cornelia. Plot Crime lord James ‘Jim’ Belmont (George J. Lewis) escapes FBI custody and resumes his criminal empire, only to be thwarted at every turning point by British-accented Jerry Blake, the FBI’s Operator 99 (Marten Lamont). Belmont plots to steal the crown jewels of the Princess Cornelia, with the aid of his cohorts Matt Farrell, Rita Parker and his crafty secretary Morton. The criminals succeed in stealing the jewels, then offer to ransom them back, using Jerry Blake (Operator 99) as the go-between. Blake foils their plot and also acts against different criminal engagements by Belmont such as trying to steal a car once owned by Belmont’s partner, a car into which valuable gold has been melted and whose location is known by a former lawyer who worked for Belmont. Blake’s secretary Joyce Kingston gets involved in directly helping Blake thwart Belmont, at one point battling Rita Parker for control of a truck carrying stolen payroll money. Blake eventually captures Matt Farrell but Belmont and Parker kidnap Joyce and they offer to trade her for Farrell. Blake is able to trace Belmont to his hidden lair beneath a theatre and winds up battling him high up on a catwalk overlooking a precipitous drop. Cast Marten Lamont as Jerry Blake, Federal Operator 99 Helen Talbot as Joyce Kingston George J. Lewis as Jim Belmont, a sophisticated villain Lorna Gray as Rita Parker, Belmont’s partner in crime Hal Taliaferro as Matt Farrell Bill Stevens as Agent Fred Martin LeRoy Mason as Morton, henchman Maurice Cass as Signor Giuseppe Morello Kernan Cripps as Agent Thomas Jeffries Elaine Lange as Countess Delremy Jay Novello as Heinrick Frank Jaquet as Warren Hunter
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