Bed & Breakfast 1990 Roger Moore Talia Shire

Bed & Breakfast is a 1992 American romantic comedy film directed by Robert Ellis Miller, and stars Roger Moore, Talia Shire, Colleen Dewhurst (in her final film role) and Nina Siemaszko.[1] It began filming on York Beach, Maine in 1989.


A charming Englishman changes the lives of three generations of women who run a near-bankrupt bed and breakfast. Three women find him out cold on a beach and offer him free board in return for fixing the place up and being the handy man. Claire, widow of Senator Blake Wellesly, is initially unwilling to let him in the house, partly due to the mystery around him caused by amnesia. Her mother-in-law Ruth, recently retired and craving adventure, insists on allowing him inside. Claire’s teenage daughter Cassie, who is rebellious against her mother’s old-fashioned behavior most of the time, names him Adam.


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