Seminole Uprising

Seminole Uprising is a 1955 American War Western film directed by Earl Bellamy and starring George Montgomery based on the 1942 novel Bugle’s Wake by Curt Brandon.


An angry Seminole chief wages war after his tribe is relocated from Florida to the American West. Supposedly takes place in 1855.


  • George Montgomery as Lt. Cam Elliott
  • Karin Booth as Susan Hannah
  • William Fawcett as Cubby Crouch
  • Steven Ritch as Black Cat (as Steve Ritch)
  • Ed Hinton as Capt. Philip Dudley
  • John Pickard as Sgt. Chris Zanoba
  • James Maloney as Tony Zanoba (as Jim Maloney)
  • Rory Mallinson as Toby Wilson
  • Howard Wright as Col. Hannah
  • Rus Conklin as High Cloud (as Russ Conklin)
  • Jonni Paris as Malawa
  • Joanne Rio as Tasson Li
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