Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven (1948 American Romantic Comedy film)

Directed by William Castle and starring Guy Madison, Diana Lynn, James Dunn, and Florence Bates. A reporter in Dallas, Texas, goes to New York with the dream of becoming a playwright. En route, he picks up a hitchhiker who wants to visit Brooklyn and live with horses. The two encounter a variety of zany characters living in Brooklyn before returning to Texas together to live on a horse ranch. The script was based on the best-selling 1943 novel Eddie and The Archangel Mike by Barry Benefield. Plot Mike, a bartender at the Texas Golden Horse bar in Brooklyn, narrates the story of Eddie Tayloe to a new customer. Eddie was working as a reporter assigned to the Ft. Worth desk of a Dallas newspaper. As the two neighboring cities were feuding, he has nothing to do. He dreams of becoming a playwright in New York City, and a small inheritance from his grandfather gives him his chance. Quitting his job, he begins the long drive to New York. When his car breaks down, he meets Perry Dunklin, who is hitchhiking with her suitcases. She helps him fix the car, having picked up the skill working with her brother in a gas station, and she joins him for the trip to New York. At first Eddie is wary of her, but the more time they spend together, the more interested he becomes in her. Perry warns him, though, not to fall in love with her. Perry says goodbye in Brooklyn and goes off to realize her dream of living with horses, but Eddie can’t forget her. He finishes writing his play and goes around showing it to agents, but no one wants it. Perry, meanwhile, is traveling on a train when Mandy, an older woman with a criminal record for larceny, tries to pinch her wallet. Perry traps her in the act and Mandy faints. When the police arrive, Perry feels sorry for Mandy and claims she is her mother. The two move in together to an empty stable behind the Cheever house in Flatbush, owned by three morose spinsters. Perry tells the Cheever sisters that Mandy is Eddie’s mother, too. Cast Guy Madison as Eddie Tayloe Diana Lynn as Perry Dunklin James Dunn as Mike Michael Chekhov as Mr. Gaboolian Florence Bates as Mandy Lionel Stander as Bellhop William Frawley as Agent Roscoe Karns as Carmody Margaret Hamilton as Ruby Cheever Irene Ryan as Opal Cheever Colin Campbell as MacWirther Clem Bevans as Capt. Bjorn Moyna Macgill as Pearl Cheever Audie Murphy as Copy Boy

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