Terror from the Year 5000

At a city museum, the curator Doctor Robert “Bob” Hedges receives a package in the mail from an old college classmate, Professor Howard Erling, with a request to carbon date the contents of the package and reply to his old friend. The only problem is the contents of the package is what appears to be a modern looking statue, not old at all like most items the Dr. would carbon date. But upon further examination including carbon dating the statue, Bob discovers something he knows is impossible but there it is, the statue was made in the year 5200 AD. Bob takes a trip to Florida to meet with his former classmate and get to the bottom of this mystery. After arriving and finding out that the statue did indeed come from the future Bob is also thrown into a love triangle with Prof. Erling’s daughter and her moist fiance, has to deal with a perverted peeping tom chief cook and “bottle warsher” and eventually a glittering woman visiting from the year 5000. It takes a while for the “Terror” to rear it’s ugly head but the riffing is spot on in one of MST3K’s greatest episodes!

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