Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950 Crime, Drama film noir)

Directed and produced by Otto Preminger. The screenplay for the film was written by Ben Hecht, and adapted by Robert E. Kent, Frank P. Rosenberg, and Victor Trivas. The screenplay and adaptations were based on the novel Night Cry by William L. Stuart. The film stars Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. The film narrative concerns ruthless and cynical Mark Dixon (Dana Andrews), a metropolitan police detective, who despises all criminals because his father was one. Considered a classic of the film noir genre, the film displays a brand of violence, “lurking below urban society”, which is an important noir motif. Cast Dana Andrews as Detective Sgt. Mark Dixon Gene Tierney as Morgan Taylor-Paine Gary Merrill as Tommy Scalisi Bert Freed as Detective Sgt. Paul Klein (Dixon’s partner) Tom Tully as Jiggs Taylor, Morgan’s father Karl Malden as Detective Lt. Thomas Ruth Donnelly as Martha, owner of Martha’s Cafe Craig Stevens as Kenneth Paine

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