VALLEY OF MYSTERY – Richard Egan, Peter Graves, Julie Adams

“Valley of Mystery” Plot/Summary – A Meridian Airlines flight from Miami to Caracas crashes in the Venezueian jungle, stranding 130 passengers and crew in hostile surroundings. Full Cast and Crew Starring, Richard Egan, Peter Graves, Joby Baker, Lois Nettleson, Harry Guardino, Julie Adams, Fernando Lamas, Alfred Ryder, Karen Sharpe, Barbara Werle, Lee Patterson, Rodolfo Acosta, Douglas Kennedy, Don Stewart, Leonard Nimoy, Tony Patino, Otis Young, Lisa Gaye, George Tyne, Larry Domasin, Eddie Little Sky, William Phipps, and Pamelyn Ferdin. Directed by Joseph Lejtes. Released April 21, 1967.

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