Up for Murder (1931 American Drama film)

Written and directed by Monta Bell and starring Lew Ayres, Genevieve Tobin, Purnell Pratt, Richard Tucker, Frank McHugh and Frederick Burt. It was released on May 27, 1931, by Universal Pictures. Plot Bob Marshall gets a promotion at a newspaper thanks to his reporter pal Collins, who owed him a favor. Marshall is assigned to be society columnist Myra Deane’s escort to a ball. He falls for Myra and buys her a bracelet from his meager savings. Arriving uninvited at her luxurious apartment, Bob is shocked to discover Myra is romantically involved with William Winter, a married man who is also their boss. Bob slugs him during a quarrel. Winter’s skull hits a table and he dies, but Myra lies, insisting Winter is merely unconscious, hoping to avoid a scandal. She moves the body once Bob leaves. Cast Lew Ayres as Robert Marshall Genevieve Tobin as Myra Deane Purnell Pratt as William Winter Richard Tucker as Cyril Herk Frank McHugh as Collins Frederick Burt as City Editor Dorothy Peterson as Mrs. Marshall.

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