The Son of Monte Cristo (1940) [Action] [Adventure]

“The Son of Monte Cristo” is a 1940 black-and-white film directed by Rowland V. Lee. In 1865, General Gurko Lanen is dictator of “Lichtenburg” in the Balkans. The rightful ruler, Grand Duchess Zona, hopes to get aid from Napoleon III of France. The visiting Count of Monte Cristo falls for Zona and undertakes to help her, masquerading as a foppish banker and a masked freedom fighter. The rest is rapid-fire intrigue and derring-do. The film takes the same name as the unofficial sequel to “The Count of Monte Cristo”, namely “The Son of Monte Cristo”, written by Jules Lermina in 1881. — Directed and produced by Rowland V. Lee, written by George Bruce, starring Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett and George Sanders.

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