The Death Kiss (1932 American pre-Code Mystery film)

Starring David Manners as a crusading studio writer, Adrienne Ames as an actress, and Bela Lugosi as a studio manager. The thriller features three leading players from the previous year’s Dracula (Lugosi, Manners, and Edward Van Sloan), and was the first film directed by Edwin L. Marin. The film was produced by KBS Productions at Tiffany Pictures and released by Sono Art-World Wide Pictures. Plot During the filming of a death scene of The Death Kiss, leading man Myles Brent is really shot and killed. Tonart Studios manager Joseph Steiner (Lugosi) is assigned to handle the situation. The studio wants to pass it off as a simple accident, but screenwriter Franklyn Drew (Manners) digs a bullet out of a wall and tells Homicide Detective Lieutenant Sheehan that it is a .38 caliber, while the guns used in the film are all .45s. Sheehan finds a letter in the dead man’s pocket, in which Brent wrote to his lawyer that Marcia Lane (Ames), his co-star and ex-wife, would not sign a release as beneficiary of his $200,000 life insurance policy. Chalmers, an alcoholic extra with a self-admitted grudge against Brent for getting him fired as head gaffer (electrician), is spotted trying to dispose of a loaded .38, but Drew points out that the gun has not been fired. Cast David Manners as Franklyn Drew Adrienne Ames as Marcia Lane Bela Lugosi as Joseph Steiner John Wray as Detective Lieut. Sheehan Vince Barnett as Officer Gulliver (chief of the studio police) Alexander Carr as Leon A. Grossmith (“president of this concern [studio]”) Edward Van Sloan as Tom Avery (the director) Harold Minjir as Howell Barbara Bedford as Script Girl Al Hill as Assistant Director Harold Waldridge as Charlie (bellhop) Wade Boteler as Sergeant Hilliker Lee Moran as Todd (publicist) Edmund Burns as Miles Brent (uncredited) Mona Maris as Mrs. Agnes Avert (uncredited) Forrest Taylor as Actor (uncredited) George O’Hanlon as Bystander (uncredited)

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