Tangled Destinies (1932 Pre-Code Murder Mystery film)

Directed by Frank R. Strayer. The film is also known as Who Killed Harvey Forbes? in the United Kingdom. PLOT After a plane makes an emergency landing, passengers take refuge in a deserted house, however one of them is a killer. Cast Gene Morgan as Capt. Randall “Randy” Gordon Doris Hill as Doris Glenn Tryon as Tommy Preston, the Co-pilot Vera Reynolds as Ruth, the Airline Stewardess Ethel Wales as Prudence Daggott Monaei Lindley as Monica van Buren Syd Saylor as Buchanan, the Prizefighter Sidney Bracey as McGinnis, posing as Professor Marmont Lloyd Whitlock as Floyd Martin James B. Leong as Ling William P. Burt as Harvey Forbes Henry Hall as Dr. Wingate, the Parson William Humphrey as Professor Hartley

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