Robin Hood: Prince of Sherwood (1994)

Robin Hood is back with his gang of outlaws to do battle with the dark forces of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who has recently murdered Robin Hood’s father and stolen his family land in lieu of “back taxes”. Robin and friends are forced into Sherwood forest and a life of poverty. Robin Hood’s skill with a bow and sword allow them to raid the Sheriff’s castle whenever needed. Not content with this life of crime, Robin Hood pleads with his friends to join him and overthrow the Sheriff once and for all. However, the Sheriff has plans of his own for Robin. In a stunning move, the Sheriff and his henchmen kidnap Lady Marian and hold her prisoner.

In one last and desperate battle Robin Hood leads an assault upon Nottingham Castle to rescue his love, and bring balance back to England. Will the King return in time? Filming and editing on this picture took three years. Shot and edited entirely on 16mm film. This movie premiered in 1994 at the Princess Theater in Decatur, Alabama. The writer and director was 15 years old and still in middle school.

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