The Green Glove (1952 French/USA Crime, Drama, Mystery) Glenn Ford

Directed by Rudolph Maté and starring Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks, Sir Cedric Hardwicke and George Macready. Plot Church bells begin to ring and the parish priest (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) knows it means only one thing. The ‘green glove,’ a miraculous gem-studded gauntlet, the churches’ holy relic, has returned to St. Elizar. The town folk pour into the abbey to rejoice. Mike Blake (Glenn Ford) is an American paratrooper who travels to France after the end of World War II to try to recover the jewel-encrusted glove that had been stolen from a country church during the war. His quest leads him to a beautiful young tour guide in Paris named Chris (Geraldine Brooks). A man who has been mysteriously following Mike is found dead in Mike’s hotel room. The man has a sketch drawing of Mike in his pocket. Mike tells the police he does not know the man and he is innocent. Chris has fallen for Mike and joins him when he did not ask for her help. Count Paul Rona (George Macready) is a Nazi collaborator and art dealer and is searching for the glove to sell it. Mike and the Count had a run-in near the end of the war. A French Resistance Countess helped Mike escape and as a thank you he left her his valise. Despite being followed by the police and Rona’s henchmen, Mike and Chris retrieve the glove in Monte Carlo. It was in the valise. The countess kisses the glove and her madness is lifted. Cast Glenn Ford as Michael ‘Mike’ Blake Geraldine Brooks as Christine ‘Chris’ Kenneth Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Father Goron George Macready as Count Paul Rona Gaby André as Gaby Saunders Jany Holt as The Countess Roger Tréville as Police Insp. Faubert Georges Tabet as Jacques Piotet Meg Lemonnier as Madame Piotet Paul Bonifas as Inspector Jean Bretonnière as Singer

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