Tigers Don’t Cry (1979) | Anthony Quinn Ken Gampu

Subterfuge, political assassination, kidnapping, apartheid and human drama supply the power behind this thrilling action adventure.
Set in South Africa, Tigers Don’t Cry is the gripping story of Mark Slade, a desperate male nurse blilliantly played by Anthony Quinn (Zorba The Greek, Guns of Nauaro who knows he’s dying and needs to find a way to provide for his teenage daughter, the only family he has. The result is an incredible phin to kidnap Bobo Lunda, an African president who is being treated at the hospital where Slade works. The president (played by Ken Gampu) is also the target of a politicarassassin. As the abduction unfolds, Slade is hunted by the authorities and haunted by the empathy he begins to develop for his victim. The film culminates in a wild chase, a treacherous ride in a cable car, and an ironic climax that will leave you speechless — one of the best action/adventure “sleepers” to becpme availably in a long,,. long time.

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