Shake Hands with Murder (1944 American Comedy Mystery)

Directed by Albert Herman and starring Iris Adrian, Frank Jenks and Douglas Fowley. The film is a B movie released by the low-budget distributor Producers Releasing Corporation. Synopsis Patsy Brent runs a small bail bond company. Her ambitious but dull-witted partner Eddie Jones secures bail for Steve Morgan, a man accused of embezzling $100,000 from his bank. Brent is furious and is forced to track Morgan before he can skip the country. When the president of the bank is found murdered, she also suspects that Morgan may even be a killer as well. However he is trying to prove his innocence of the charge, and Brent is persuaded to assist him in finding the real culprit. Cast Iris Adrian as Patsy Brent Frank Jenks as Eddie Jones Douglas Fowley as Steve Morgan Jack Raymond as Joe Blake Claire Rochelle as Miss Johnson, Secretary Herbert Rawlinson as John Clark Juan de la Cruz as Mr. Stanton I. Stanford Jolley as Mr. Haskins Forrest Taylor as Mr. Kennedy George Kirby as George Adams Gene Roth as William Howard Anitra Sparrow as Waitress Buck Harrington as Police Sergeant

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