Murder on Lenox Avenue (1941 Drama film)

Dramatic events in a Harlem apartment house center around Pa Wilkins, chosen by the Better Business League to replace their ousted, crooked leader Marshall…who wants revenge; and Pa’s ward Jim Bracton, a two-timing Romeo whose affairs are coming to a crisis. And hanging around is Marshall’s murderous junkie henchman, Lomax. Will it all end in someone’s being killed? Cast Mamie Smith as Hattie Alec Lovejoy as Flivver Johnson Norman Astwood as Mr. Marshall Augustus Smith as Pa Wilkins Alberta Perkins as Mercedes Edna Mae Harris as Singer Sidney Easton as Speed Simmons Dene Larry as Ola Wilkins Ernie Ransom as Jim Bracton Earl Sydnor as Gregory Herman Green as Lomax George Williams as Montoute Cristola Williams as Rosalia Emily Santos as Emily Flo Lee as Flo Wahneta San as Wahneta

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