The Secret of the Blue Room 1933 Lionel Atwill Gloria Stuart Paul Lukas

What’s is the secret of the blue room?When Irene von Helldorf’s (Gloria Stuart) suitors Capt.Walter Brink (Paul Lukas),Frank Faber (Onslow Stevens),and Thomas Brandt (William Janney) gather for her birthday party at her fathers Robert von Helldorf (Lionel Atwill) old creepy mansion a dare is made to the suitors, sleep in the blue room for one night and survive! (the room that’s been locked for 20 years and where legend has it,3 previous unexplained deaths have occurred,always before 1:00am.(Edward Arnold) plays Commissioner Foster and (Robert Barrat) as Paul The Butler (Muriel Kirkland) as Betty the maid (Russell Hopton) as Max the chauffeur, (Elizabeth Patterson) as Mary the cook
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