Dominique (1978) [Horror]

“Dominique” (also known as “Dominique Is Dead”) is a 1978 British film directed by Michael Anderson. The film is based on the 1948 short story “What Beckoning Ghost” by Harold Lawlor. Greedy David Ballard (Cliff Robertson) wants to get the money of his wife Dominique (Jean Simmons), so he attempts to drive her insane. He succeeds and she hangs herself, only to come back to haunt him from the afterlife. — Directed by Michael Anderson, produced by Andrew Donally and Milton Subotsky, written by Edward Abraham (writer), Valerie Abraham (writer), Harold Lawlor (story), starring Cliff Robertson as David Ballard, Jean Simmons as Dominique Ballard, Jenny Agutter as Ann Ballard, Simon Ward as Tony Calvert, Ron Moody as Dr. Rogers, Judy Geeson as Marjorie Craven, Michael Jayston as Arnold Craven, Flora Robson as Mrs. Davis, David Tomlinson as Lawyer, Jack Warner as George, Leslie Dwyer as Cemetery Supervisor and Jan Holden as Ballard’s Secretary.

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