Secret Agent X-9

Secret Agent X-9 is a 1945 Universal movie serial based on the comic strip Secret Agent X-9. It was the second serial with this name, the first was released by Universal in 1937. Plot On a neutral island in the Pacific called Shadow Island (above the island of Formosa), run by American gangster Lucky Kamber, both sides in World War II attempt to control the secret of element 722, which can be used to create synthetic aviation fuel. Cast Lloyd Bridges as Phil Corrigan aka Secret Agent X-9 Keye Luke as Ah Fong, Chinese agent Jan Wiley as Lynn Moore, Australian agent Victoria Horne as Nabura, villainous Japanese agent Samuel S. Hinds as Solo Cy Kendall as Lucky Kamber, self-proclaimed governor of the neutral Shadow Island Jack Overman as Marker George Lynn as Bach, one of Nabura’s henchmen Clarence Lung as Takahari, one of Nabura’s henchmen Benson Fong as Dr. Hakahima Arno Frey as Kapitan Grut, Nazi captain Ferdinand Munier as Papa Pierre Dupray Ann Codee as “Mama Pierre” Dupray Edward Howard as Drag Dorgan

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