Time Table (1956 Drama film noir Crime film)

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Time Table is a 1956 American film noir crime film produced and directed by Mark Stevens, who also stars as the lead character. The film includes early appearances by both Jack Klugman and Felicia Farr. She had earlier appeared (as Randy Farr) in Big House, U.S.A. (1955). Plot Paul Bruckner, a surgeon whose license has been revoked for alcoholism, poses as “Dr. Sloane” aboard a train passing through Arizona. His presence there is part of a caper involving a fictitious patient, on whose behalf he gains access to his physician’s bag in the baggage car. There he blows the safe and steals a cash payroll of $500,000. Bruckner and the “patient,” supposedly infected with polio, are let off at a remote small town with a hospital, which is also far from any scheduled train stop, and escape with the money in an ambulance. The railroad officials do not discover the robbery until the train reaches Phoenix, many hours later. In response, the insurance company puts a claim investigator, Charlie Norman, on the case, forcing him to postpone his vacation to Mexico with his wife Ruth the next day. Joe Armstrong, a veteran railroad policeman who is also investigating the crime, works with him. Gradually evidence starts to turn up that the thieves stole the ambulance just before the robbery, then ditched it in the desert, escaping in a stolen helicopter. The scheme was thus elaborate, showing that the robbery had been carried out according to a strict timetable. Cast Mark Stevens as Charlie Norman King Calder as Joe Armstrong Felicia Farr as Linda Bruckner Marianne Stewart as Ruth Norman Wesley Addy as Dr. Paul Bruckner Alan Reed as Al Wolfe Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as Lt. Castro Jack Klugman as Frankie Page John Marley as Bobik

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