They Can’t Hang Me! (1955 British Crime, Drama film)

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Timeline 01:47, for 1 minute there will be silence due to copyright on the background music. At TWR do what we do, as a labor of love for all OTR & Movie fans. We kindly ask if you could donate 1$ a month to help keep this channel free. This helps us in purchasing higher quality copies for upload. Thank you and we’ll keep the movies coming.… Directed by Val Guest and starring Terence Morgan, Yolande Donlan and Anthony Oliver. It was based on a novel by Leonard Mosley. Plot A senior civil servant, Pitt (Morell) has been convicted of a murder and sentenced to death. Days before his execution, Pitt reveals that he has been passing on top secret information to an agent of a foreign power and offers to reveal the identity of his handler in exchange for a reprieve. With only five days before Pitt’s execution, debonair Special Branch Inspector Ralph Brown (Morgan) takes on the task of identifying the spy before he flees the country. The film also used Sidney Torch’s music for The Black Museum for its title and some of its incidental music The starring role of Brown was an unusual part for Morgan, who was better known in British film for playing villains and criminals. Cast Terence Morgan – Inspector Ralph Brown Yolande Donlan – Jill Wilson Anthony Oliver – Inspector Newcombe André Morell – Robert Isaac Pitt Reginald Beckwith – Harold Ursula Howells – Antonia Pitt Guido Lorraine – Pietr Revski Basil Dignam – Wing Commander Riddle John Horsley – Assistant Commissioner Mark Dignam – Prison Governor Raymond Rollett – Sir Robert Rosper Fred Johnson – Professor Robinson-Heston Arnold Marlé – Professor Karl Kopek Barry Lowe – Private Eric Colter Richard Cuthbert – Judge Diana Lambert – Young Woman
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