The Dark Corner (1946 Crime, Drama film noir) (Lucille Ball)

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Directed by Henry Hathaway starring Lucille Ball, Mark Stevens and Clifton Webb. Plot In New York, private investigator Bradford Galt (Mark Stevens) asks his secretary Kathleen (Lucille Ball) to help him catch a man who has been following him. He does catch the thug (William Bendix), who is carrying identification in the name of Fred Foss and says he was hired by Tony Jardine (Kurt Kreuger). However, his name is actually Stauffer, and he is working for Hardy Cathcart (Clifton Webb), a wealthy art-gallery owner. During the confrontation Stauffer’s suit is stained with ink. Later a car rushes at Brad, apparently attempting to kill him. Brad explains to Kathleen that Jardine is a corrupt lawyer who was Brad’s business partner when they lived in San Francisco. Brad had caught Jardine committing theft and blackmail; but Jardine had turned the tables, attacking Brad, forcibly getting him drunk, and putting him behind the wheel of a car. A man was killed and Brad served time for manslaughter. At the time he thought Jardine was satisfied with that, but now it seems not. Cast Lucille Ball as Kathleen Clifton Webb as Hardy Cathcart William Bendix as Stauffer, alias Fred Foss Mark Stevens as Bradford Galt Kurt Kreuger as Anthony Jardine Cathy Downs as Mari Cathcart Reed Hadley as Lt Frank Reeves Constance Collier as Mrs. Kingsley Eddie Heywood as Himself Molly Lamont as Lucy Wilding Ellen Corby as Maid

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