Romance on the Run (1938 American Comedy Crime film)

Directed by Gus Meins and starring Donald Woods and Patricia Ellis. Plot A very expensive necklace known as the “Czarina’s Tears” is stolen from Phelps’ jewelry shop. The next morning, Phelps (Granville Bates) goes to see insurance company manager J. W. Ridgeway (Andrew Tombes). Ridgeway is certain Phelps’ policy was not renewed, but his young secretary, Miss Dale Harrison (Patricia Ellis), informs him she renewed it while he was away. Lieutenant Eckhart (William Demarest) wants Ridgeway to leave the case entirely to the police, but Ridgeway hires private investigator Drake (Donald Woods). Drake suspects nightclub singer Lily Lamont (Grace Bradley). Drake introduces Lily to safecracker Charlie Cooper (Craig Reynolds) at the nightclub. They pretend they do not know each other, but they do. Drake breaks into Cooper’s apartment to search for the necklace. Cooper discovers him and holds him at gunpoint, but Drake manages to disarm him and find the necklace. He collects his fee of $10,000, which disgusts Eckhart, who suspects Drake is involved in all the robberies he solves. Phelps shows up to retrieve his necklace, but quickly realizes it is only an imitation. Drake is told the bad news by his sidekick Whitey Whitehouse.

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