Moontide (1942 American Crime, Drama, Film-Noir film) (Ida Lupino)

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Directed by Archie Mayo, who took over production after initial director Fritz Lang left the project early in the shooting schedule. The screenplay was written by John O’Hara and Nunnally Johnson (uncredited) and based on the novel written by Willard Robertson, Moon Tide (1940). The production features French star Jean Gabin, as well as Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell and Claude Rains. Charles G. Clarke was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography for Black & White. Despite charismatic performances by its leads, the film was not well received upon release. Plot After blacking out from an all-night drinking binge, dock worker Bobo (Jean Gabin) wakes up in a decrepit shack on a San Pedro Bay barge. The barge’s owner, fisherman Takeo (Victor Sen Yung), comes by to remind Bobo of how they met the previous night and that they had agreed Bobo would work for him. Bobo does not remember the encounter and intends to leave. A police boat passes and, hearing that they are searching for the murderer of local bar-fly Pop Kelly (Arthur Aylesworth), who was strangled to death sometime during Bobo’s drinking spree, causes Bobo to put the brakes on his plans to go; he is worried that he may have killed the man, due to violence he has been capable of in the past. He takes the job on the barge, then goes into town to meet up with his friends, Tiny (Thomas Mitchell) and Nutsy, the town watchman and amateur philosopher (Claude Rains) at a local boardinghouse. Despite assurances from Tiny that he didn’t hurt anyone during his blackout, Bobo’s worries are not wiped away. He agrees to meet Tiny later that night and leave town together. As he and Nutsy talk after Tiny leaves, Nutsy realizes that Bobo is in possession of Pop Kelly’s hat. Cast Jean Gabin as Bobo Ida Lupino as Anna Thomas Mitchell as Tiny Claude Rains as Nutsy Jerome Cowan as Dr. Frank Brothers Helene Reynolds as Woman on boat Ralph Byrd as Rev. Wilson Victor Sen Yung as Takeo Chester Gan as Henry Hirota Robin Raymond as Mildred Arthur Aylesworth as Pop Kelly Arthur Hohl as Jennings Ralph Dunn as Policeman

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