Suddenly (1954) | Full Movie | Frank Sinatra | Sterling Hayden | James Gleason | Nancy Gates

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Frank Sinatra is unforgettable as a psychotic war veteran whose goal is to assassinate the president! As John Baron, Sinatra and his henchmen take over a house near the train station, holding the family hostage while waiting for the president’s train to arrive. Baron is good with a gun and has the perfect vantage point. All he has to do is keep a cool head. But can he? This cold-blooded thriller from director Lewis Allen (The Uninvited) feels as savage as it did decades ago when the New York Times called Sinatra’s performance, “a melodramatic tour de force.”

Director: Lewis Allen
Writer: Richard Sale
Starring: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, Nancy Gates, Kim Charney

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